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The Importance and Benefits of Keeping a Small, High Quality Bonsai Collection

The art of bonsai is an ancient Japanese tradition that has captivated the hearts and minds of horticulturists and enthusiasts all aroun...

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The Definitive Japanese Black Pine Guide

Welcome back to another Hakuju-En blog. For this autumn edition I would like to discuss Japanese Black Pine/Kuromatsu/Pinus thumbergii and the tech...

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Developing and Refining Maples for Bonsai

A quick look a two techniques to develop ramification in Maple Bonsai

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The Hakuju-En Bonsai Nursery is Now Open!

A Quick announcement about the opening of the bonsai nursery.

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Shohin Japanese Black Pine Progression Article

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Shohin progression article

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Slanting Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Progression Article

Hi Guys im back again with another progression article, this time its an old Japanese Black Pine Bonsai I found at Bonsai Sensation in Narre Warren...

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Wabi-Sabi and its relevance to Bonsai

A brief dip into some philosophy of bonsai.

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How to break free during lockdown

Typically, when you are ill such as the cold or flu, you probably would soldier on, go to work and get the job done without a doubt. However, when ...

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Juniper Procumbens Progression Article

Over a period of 7 years I have worked on refining a large Juniperus procumbens Into a somewhat smaller but more impressive bonsai. Here are a seri...

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Watering       With so many variables in weather, pots, soils, water qualities and  species its difficult to give a cover all explanation into the ...

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Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Progression Article

2017 in March I went to Japan to formalise my study for 3 months. Studying in Taishō-en under Nobuichi Urushibata. It was a fantastic experience an...

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Winter Blog

The Mystery of Bonsai Design   When contemplating the future of any particular bonsai, we must remember that we rarely have full control over its g...

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