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24 / February

The Importance and Benefits of Keeping a Small, High Quality Bonsai Collection

The art of bonsai is an ancient Japanese tradition that has captivated the hearts and minds of horticulturists and enthusiasts all around the world. It is a practice that requires...

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11 / October

The Definitive Japanese Black Pine Guide

Welcome back to another Hakuju-En blog. For this autumn edition I would like to discuss Japanese Black Pine/Kuromatsu/Pinus thumbergii and the techniques used to establish a few key aspects of a...

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31 / August

Developing and Refining Maples for Bonsai

A quick look a two techniques to develop ramification in Maple Bonsai

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23 / July

The Hakuju-En Bonsai Nursery is Now Open!

A Quick announcement about the opening of the bonsai nursery.

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  • Jonathan

    Bought this English Elm from Matt,it was delivered promptly and very well packed, love the tree very responsibly priced and great structure, hope to buy another soon ( pine I'm thinking )...... thanks again. He's right to say his work is very professional, artistic and creative. Very satisfied. Jonathan

  • Andrew

    Matt is extremely passionate and knowledgeable within the domain of bonsai. Having been educated in Japan by a traditional bonsai master, Matt has a deep understanding of this ancient craft, which is evident in the beautiful trees that he cultivates.

  • Nick J

    Great shohin nursery, it's the little things that count. The aesthetic is very sharp and minimalistic with lots of cool tones as a backdrop that draw the eyes to the main features. Which brings me to the trees, high quality no if, ands or buts. Shohin is the name of the game. Always neat and tidy not a weed in sight. I have also been lucky enough to sit down with Matt as a learning process. Very calm, and calculated in his artistic approach. He has continued to inspire me in my trees and teaches with fantastic refined design elements in mind. Discussing future plans for the trees. Definitely worth a visit. Looking forward to regular visits and bringing home some goods 5/5.

  • 0Action

    Amazing trees and wonderful communication, I wouldn't hesitate recommending to anyone. thanks again

  • Museums World

    Bought a Shohin small bonsai tree from Hakujuen, I am happy with the quality it definitely makes My collection more interesting although I thought it would be probably too small in size Would still recommend though.

  • Jesse

    I have had an amazing experience with Matt and will continue to watch him build his business with such passion! He is a wealth of knowledge and has been extremely helpful with building up my collection with quality trees. Thank you mate!

  • Mark

    Had no regrets coming to this place to refine my techniques in shaping bonsai trees. Having studied in Japan, Matt certainly stands out and it's clear when you see what he can do. Definitely the place to go if you're interested in shohin styled bonsai.

  • Nick

    Just purchased this JBP from the talented Hakuju-en Bonsai yesterday online.They had amazing customer service.I'm sure the tree will arrive happy.

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