The Hakuju-En Bonsai Nursery is Now Open!


Welcome everyone to the opening of the Hakuju-En Nursery! I am so excited to announce that I am now taking reservation bookings for visits to the nursery. Its really simple to do, and ill make a how to at the end of this blog.

We have a great variety of pines, elms, maples and junipers; with other species on the way! While we do specialise in Mame, Shohin, Gifu and Chuhin sized bonsai, we do have a small selection of larger trees for sale, which we invite you to browse. We are also making room to accept a lot more client bonsai for structural work, refinement, repotting and general maintenance.

While the covid outbreak is keeping everyone from exhibiting their bonsai, we do offer full exhibition service on bonsai, and planning ahead for exhibitions is the best way to have your tree in perfect order for the end of lockdown. For the quality of our material we believe we are very competitive on our pricing, and will endeavour to help you in any way possible.

To book an appointment head to the 'shop' in the menu and search for 'Nursery' Select 'Nursery Visit' from the items listed, and then use the drop down menu's to select your times. Add this product to the shopping cart and click 'buy'. You will need to use your payment method, however the whole process wont charge you a cent. We will both get an email with the appointment time, and ill see you happy enthusiasts on your appointment day! Its that simple. We have all the necessary covid practices in place and a range of great trees to check out.


  1. Pierre Le Roux February 09, 2021

    Hello, could someone please call me on 0412266907. I’m interested in discussing weather you take customers bonsai trees for sale on consignment. Thanks.
    Regards Pierre

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