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What's in a Name?

The name, Hakuju-en 伯樹園, Hakuju-en is a combination of two Japanese Kanji characters. The first, 伯 Haku, is defined as 'superior' or 'senior'. The second, 樹 Ju, translates to 'tree(s)'. The final character, en (園), means garden or nursery. Thus the name Hakuju-en is brought to life, representing the garden's endeavour to uphold a superior level of bonsai within the nursery, and the hope to help lift Australia's bonsai level as a whole.

“The Future”

High class bonsai is a luxury product, to enjoy it is to understand the quality and refinement of craftsmanship. To enjoy bonsai is to be discerning and appreciating of quality. The mature man appreciates bonsai because it appeals to his inner values; Refinement, creativity, excellence and discipline. The philosopher sees in a bonsai, a reflection of humanity, with aspects of growth, setbacks, and compromises, he sees the common narrative in life.


Meet the Founder

I grew out a lot of things, but one thing that remained was the love for miniatures, that love manifested itself further when I learned about the amazing art of Bonsai. After 17 years, trips and study time in Japan, I wish to now share my love of bonsai with you. I'd like to expose Melbourne to the Japanese standard of Bonsai, and hope that many people will have the same opportunity to fall in love with this art as I did." - Matt Ball


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