About Us

What's in a Name?

The name, Hakuju-en 伯樹園Hakuju-en is a combination of two Japanese Kanji characters. The first, 伯 Haku, is defined as 'superior' or 'senior'. The second, 樹 Ju, translates to 'tree(s)'.

The final character, en (園), means garden or nursery. Thus the name Hakuju-en is brought to life, representing the garden's endeavour to uphold a superior level of bonsai within the nursery, and the hope to help lift Australia's bonsai level as a whole. 

The physical nursery is currently under construction, and its due to be open towards the end of 2019. This nursery will be open by appointment only, however the online sales will always be open. 

We welcome you to enjoy the world of small bonsai.