What are your delivery timeframes?

Once you’ve received your order confirmation email, please allow:
Metro delivery: 3 - 5 business days
Regional delivery: 5 - 7 business days
Remote delivery: 7 - 14 business
International: Allow up to 1 month

What if my item breaks in transit?

delegates will be shipped with insurance to cover any damages, If a pot breaks the shipping company will return the value of the pot back to you.

Why are your pots so expensive?

Hakuju-en's philosophy is to excel in bonsai, and this extends to the pottery too. The pots offered by Hakuju-en are of the most prised makers of Japan, and so are extremely well made, and therefore sought after. Know that when you buy a pot from Hakuju-en that you are buying a reputation built on quality, beauty and history. A full bio on each potter and their history can be found in our blog.

What is Ma To Bonsai?

Ma To Bonsai is a Melbourne based bonsai stand maker, and an affiliate of Hakuju-en. Ma To Bonsai hope to bring a higher standard to bonsai display stands to the Australian, and International bonsai exhibition scene by providing high quality bonsai tables, in refined designs influenced by the Japanese aesthetic.




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